About Us

Fatima Jinnah Public Forum is a non-profit, non-government organization established by GIFT University with the purpose of development and empowerment of women in Pakistan. Gender equality and women empowerment are critical for any society. FJPF is a forum where the people working for the betterment of women can come together and work in a more efficient way by combining their resources and expertise for the development of impoverished women around Pakistan.

The major focuses of FJPF are on following problems which women have to face.

  1. Access to quality education for girls in underdeveloped regions
  2. Providing shelter, legal aid and support to victims of gender-based violence
  3. Improving medical conditions of women who don’t have access to quality health care
  4. Providing vocational training to women of underprivileged demographics for economic stability

GFJPF is aimed to make a better future for the women around Pakistan and putting them in a position where they can be self-sufficient for themselves and lead a respectful life.

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